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It has now been almost a year since Covid-19 also made its mark in Europe. Exactly one year ago today we walked around the festival “Tábua de queijos e sabores da Beira”, assuming that our Portuguese life would really get going with the increasingly beautiful weather. Who could have imagined that a month later all of Europe would be in lockdown and there would be no possibility of travel.

For us, this has led to an adjustment of our plans and we first started doing a lot of odd jobs. When the borders were opened in late June, it quickly became clear that the Dutch were reluctant to take a vacation abroad and remained en masse in the Netherlands. That prompted us to focus on the Portuguese market and that was not a bad decision. What we were afraid of, because we hardly spoke Portuguese, turned out to be no problem at all.

In most countries, where possible, working from home became mandatory. In the Netherlands too. And if we are to believe the reports, working from home will largely remain after Covid-19. Because it turns out that it works very well in many cases. And that got us thinking. Because working and living at home for months is not always pleasant. But it also offers opportunities. Because if you can work from home, you can work from anywhere in the world, as long as there is good internet and a workplace. The first we already have, the second we can easily create. And so the idea arose to offer workations.

Our Pinheiro apartment is ideal for this. It is privately located, has its own entrance, a very spacious patio with a unique sun position and a view of the mountains. It has a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, sitting area with smart TV (with Netflix and Dutch channels), a bathroom with walk-in shower and bath and 2 bedrooms, one of which we can convert into office space. If desired, 2 workplaces can also be set up. With screen, keyboard, mouse, desk, office chair, scanner/printer, super fast 5G WiFi (200 Mbit/s) and standard office supplies. Just like at home, but very different. Because during your lunch you sit on your own terrace enjoying the view of the mountains and the sun, or you take a walk in the adjacent, hilly forest. To enjoy a fascinating sunset with a drink on your terrace after work.

And there is a private network available. You only need to bring your laptop to work, the rest will be taken care of.

At the weekend you go out to discover the area and perhaps take one of the most beautiful walks you have ever made. Or you can lie by the pool enjoying the view. And if all goes well, the pool water is already warm enough at the beginning of May to take a dip. In addition, we are in the process of creating a fitness room. So you don’t have to leave the terrain to get exercise. Prefer a brisk hike? You don’t have to go far for that either. Even from A Casa Amarela there are beautiful walks through nature.

And it looks like there will be relaxation in the measures soon and hopefully the restaurants and terraces can open again.

In short, combine work with a holiday feeling and book your workation at A Casa Amarela. Also possible during the school holidays, then children can also come along and we will set up a workplace at a different location. Outside the school holidays, a workation is possible from 3 weeks.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities and prices? Then take Contact with us.

Tip: save on your costs by renting out your own house during your stay.

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