Emigration to Portugal

When we told others our dream of emigrating to Portugal, we received varying reactions. From “super,” to “would you guys do that, you have it good here anyway.

And indeed, we had it good in Holland, a very nice house and sufficient income. Yet something was missing. And it wasn’t just nice weather. The agitation, having to perform in an ever-changing society and owning the latest gadgets, being more important than looking out for each other, began to bother us more and more.

And in Portugal, where at times time seems to have stood a little still, we don’t have this feeling at all. Here you are lived by the day and allowed to be who you are. And be happy with what you have. The kindness and being there for each other is genuine and brings out the best in you. It is sometimes touching to see how people here care for each other.

When it appeared that there were sufficient funds to make our dream come true we had a long search to find the right place. Almost all of Portugal we explored and finally ended up in Central Portugal. After we had been here we lost our hearts to it. For how beautiful it is here. The peace, space and amazing nature.

In May 2019 we thought we had found our dream home and were already in the purchase process when after 2 weeks we received an email that the seller was withdrawing. What a disappointment that was! But after letting it sink in, a conversation we had during our visit in May with someone who had a B&B with apartments for sale in the same region came back to us. At that time, we had already made our choice, so did not pursue it further, but after researching it, it turned out to meet our needs as well. And is located on the edge of a small village, which also offers many advantages, especially for guests. The other house was on top of a mountain and while it had a beautiful view, it was also difficult to reach, especially after heavy rain.

So in July 2019 we traveled to Portugal again to check out A Casa Amarela and this proved to absolutely meet our needs. Of course we saw that there was some work to be done, but most of all we saw the opportunities. Because 3 spaces that were already suitable for rental and still possibility to expand. Maybe not the 1.5 HA of land we first envisioned, but we are very happy about that in retrospect.

Jan. 20, 2020 was the handover and we went full energy to open to guests on April 1, 2020. And then came Corona…..Times of uncertainty, but positive as we are inclined we make the best of it and get to things we would have otherwise put off. We certainly don’t regret it, because life here is as expected and we have quickly adapted to living by the day and taking things as they are. And that feels good, very good.

Of course, the start of our adventure is more extensive than described above. Curious about the whole story? Then book your stay and we will be happy to tell you the extended version over a “bica” or a “coppo do vinho”.

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